viernes, 26 de diciembre de 2014

Look book.

dear reader, as you might have noticed i've been a little absent since i posted "santa take notes" but, as any teenager, i've been eating myself through dicember, and when i noticed it was already christmas eve, and i hadn't posted either of two articles i had planned for this wonderful time of the year, one of which was my new category: Look book.
as any (politics, economy...) blogger would like you to know his criteria, opinion and such, a fashion blogger in special should on top of providing you with his opinion also provide you with inspiration for your everyday and special occasion style, and, not trying to call myself a pioneer or anything, i came up with the idea of creating a lookbook where i would add some pictures i edited myself; the lookbook would be a place where you can find inspiration for your everyday life, and where you can try to further understand the kind of fashion i'm fond of.
the next pictures are the first series of the lookbook that will be posted. my idea was to create looks that you could use as inspiration for the few days of holiday seasons we have left, that are on top of all full of parties where you should try to look great. these looks have both luxury articles and dress for less.
earrings from oscar de la rent, top from zara, coat from mango, heels from nastygal and jeans from levi's.

i love camel, it's my favourite colour ever, and i think there's a very interesting idea in using it for semi-formal occasions, like a casual friday at work, or to a casual coffee meeting with a business partner. i was inspired for this look by the spectacular oscar de la renta earrings that are on top, when i see this look i can  clearly picture a young woman in new york trying to catch a cab after having a shopping spree in 5th avenue, its just missing the dior "so real" sunglasses.

blouse from zara, jacket from del pozo, charms bracelet from massimo dutti, boots from zara, and trousers from mango.

from the previous posts you might remember i come from a traditional family where family dinners and parties are quite common, when i was making this look, i got inspired by both the "del pozo jacket" and the family parties i attend to in this time of the year.

oscar de la renta heels, M2malletier purse, rest from zara.

this look is supposed to be used, or to serve as inspiration for a cocktail party, or a wedding... i just though a jumpsuit would be a fun take on those occasions, and the gold and baby pink are colours that go great together 

dress from zara, clutch from yves saint laurent, boots from zara, and earrings and ring from eva fehren.

for this look i just though fun night out in new years eve, its minimalistic, lavish and the eva fehren accessories highlight and pull together everything

dress by givenchy, high heels and clutch by valentino and earrings from eva fehren.

when i was making the looks i was trying to include as little luxury articles as possible, my goal was to make the first looks down to earth and dress for less, but when i was looking for some shoes to match the previous look i thought that one more luxury article in the list couldn't hurt and i went into farfetch, where i stumbled upon this magnificent emerald Givenchy dress, and i couldn't resist the urge to create an all luxury look that could be used at any formal event in the world (i love it when people risk it using a short dress for a long dress event). its elegant with a twist, a big twist. 

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