miércoles, 31 de diciembre de 2014

2014 the year of fashion

2014, the year of fashion!

Dear reader, There are always some things that one remembers the most about certain years, 2013 will always be for me the year I met paris and new york, or when humanity saw the scandalous change of miley cyrus, 2012 was the year I witnessed winter for the first time, and if I hadn’t started my blog on 2014 then I would simply be the year I learned what a real party is about, but I did start my blog, so forever in my mind I will remember 2014 as the year of fashion, and I wanted to record it in my almost new born blog.
but why would i remember 2014 as the year of fashion? why not the year of… blog? well, i won’t remember this year as the year of fashion only for my blog, there are so many other things, big or small,that happened this year in the industry, and it is these things that make it the year of fashion, so as a thank you to the fashion industry for giving me such a great year i will name a few of the things related to fashion that happened this year:

as you might, or might not have seen, earlier this year i mentioned louis vuitton as the brand of the future, but, as i am not fortune teller i can’t say that louis vuitton will continue succeeding, yet i can tell you that louis vuitton made a huge difference in the industry this year, and to me it is the brand of the year.

Gucci, on the other hand, has never been one of my favourite brands, it might be because it is a brand subject to heavy faking back here in colombia, and let me tell you the people that wear fake gucci don’t have my favourite kind of style, but there is something about the last 3 collections that have made me fall in love with the style they’re marketing, its about the 70’s and boho-chic, heavy furs, long boots and the beautiful suede, it’s like they’re dressing the old charlie’s angels, just in a fashionable and elegant way. and the credit for making me like gucci should be to Frida Giannini my designer of the year.

the blogger of the year would have to be the man repeller, great reads, great fashion, great street style.

but on a less obvious category, and the most surprising discovery of the year came from keeping up with the Kardashians, who would think that little miss kendall would end up walking in Givenchy? later in shows like Chanel, dolce and Gabbana, and becoming the face of estee lauder. she has a different kind of beauty, and has such an editorial appeal that she is for me the best model of the year. 

and last, for putting colombia out there i would have to congratulate paula mendoza, her beautiful pieces of wearable art seem as if the future had been melted together with the pre-colonic history inside some beautifully crafted and designed pieces of golden jewellery. colombia is proud of you paula, congrats you are my colombian designer of the year.

those are a few the little things, the people, and the brands that have made 2014 the year of fashion for me, and although as i have stated multiple times before in my blog i have no say in the industry i do think that the people and brand i called before should be awarded, either cause of their style, cause of the clothes they make, their philanthropy in the case of louis vuitton, or representing colombia in such a great way.

p.s: if you haven't checked out the last section i added to my blog, then you should probably do; the lookbook is a place where you will can find inspiration for your wardrobe and also get to know what sence of style im keen of...
the look book.

domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2014

look book. series#2: the caribbean city

Dear reader, here is the second series from the look book. It was inspired in the most beautiful caribbean city: cartagena. I'm heading over there to spend new year's eve, so i thought "why not make a series that a classic and elegant woman could use to walk at night around la ciudad vieja" ciudad vieja: an old walled part of the city that dates back to the colonic period of colombia.
Cartagena is a very special place to me, so i hope you like this series.
Purse by yves saint laurent
Belt by massimo dutti, high heels by paul andrew, earrings and necklace by Paula Mendoza.
Hat by ryan roche, shorts by valentino, shirt by comme des garcons and blazer by the row

curious fact: Lauren Santo Domingo, one of vanity fair's best dressed, and co-founder of Moda Operandi, married in cartagena and owns ,with her husband's family, a summer house in the "ciudad vieja".

viernes, 26 de diciembre de 2014

Look book.

dear reader, as you might have noticed i've been a little absent since i posted "santa take notes" but, as any teenager, i've been eating myself through dicember, and when i noticed it was already christmas eve, and i hadn't posted either of two articles i had planned for this wonderful time of the year, one of which was my new category: Look book.
as any (politics, economy...) blogger would like you to know his criteria, opinion and such, a fashion blogger in special should on top of providing you with his opinion also provide you with inspiration for your everyday and special occasion style, and, not trying to call myself a pioneer or anything, i came up with the idea of creating a lookbook where i would add some pictures i edited myself; the lookbook would be a place where you can find inspiration for your everyday life, and where you can try to further understand the kind of fashion i'm fond of.
the next pictures are the first series of the lookbook that will be posted. my idea was to create looks that you could use as inspiration for the few days of holiday seasons we have left, that are on top of all full of parties where you should try to look great. these looks have both luxury articles and dress for less.
earrings from oscar de la rent, top from zara, coat from mango, heels from nastygal and jeans from levi's.

i love camel, it's my favourite colour ever, and i think there's a very interesting idea in using it for semi-formal occasions, like a casual friday at work, or to a casual coffee meeting with a business partner. i was inspired for this look by the spectacular oscar de la renta earrings that are on top, when i see this look i can  clearly picture a young woman in new york trying to catch a cab after having a shopping spree in 5th avenue, its just missing the dior "so real" sunglasses.

blouse from zara, jacket from del pozo, charms bracelet from massimo dutti, boots from zara, and trousers from mango.

from the previous posts you might remember i come from a traditional family where family dinners and parties are quite common, when i was making this look, i got inspired by both the "del pozo jacket" and the family parties i attend to in this time of the year.

oscar de la renta heels, M2malletier purse, rest from zara.

this look is supposed to be used, or to serve as inspiration for a cocktail party, or a wedding... i just though a jumpsuit would be a fun take on those occasions, and the gold and baby pink are colours that go great together 

dress from zara, clutch from yves saint laurent, boots from zara, and earrings and ring from eva fehren.

for this look i just though fun night out in new years eve, its minimalistic, lavish and the eva fehren accessories highlight and pull together everything

dress by givenchy, high heels and clutch by valentino and earrings from eva fehren.

when i was making the looks i was trying to include as little luxury articles as possible, my goal was to make the first looks down to earth and dress for less, but when i was looking for some shoes to match the previous look i thought that one more luxury article in the list couldn't hurt and i went into farfetch, where i stumbled upon this magnificent emerald Givenchy dress, and i couldn't resist the urge to create an all luxury look that could be used at any formal event in the world (i love it when people risk it using a short dress for a long dress event). its elegant with a twist, a big twist.