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Less is more, more or less…

Dear reader,
During the last months of 2015, and among the most coveted fashion shows of last year, we’ve seen the surprising yet chic trend  that has meant a change in my, and so much other people’s style for their every day life; Simplicity.
Simplicity, contrary to popular belief, is not easy; simplicity will make you elegant, yet, it takes a lot of thinking to decide which pieces will go well with this trend, and will not take away you elegance. Just in case you are thinking on developing a more simple and polished kind of look, Here are 5 pieces that can help you stand out for your style approach, and the brands that best represent them.

Adidas White sneakers

These sneakers originally intended for tennis purposes and named after the American tennis player Stan Smith, created in the 60’s, and made famous by the 70’s, are my favorite piece right now for casual dressing. It’s simplicity and laid back style just look effortless in any look, and their white leather paired together with sleek and simple design just makes them sporty elegant. Not to forget, it is also a personal favorite to Phoebe Philo (creative director of Céline), and works perfectly with the trend of pairing suits with sneakers.

Gucci’s Loafers
A good pair of loafers is never a misfit for a well dressed person, and they are the kind of shoes that represent the quiet dignity that goes perfectly well with simplicity. Unlike a pair of Louboutins, they are able to show style without screaming out for attention, and unlike a pair of Tory Burch’s ballet flats, that resemble the shoes a 5 year old girl would wear, a pair of loafers has a structure and design that will give you the seriousness, sobriety and maturity that every modern woman should represent. The Gucci loafers are the best loafers you can find out there, with their simple and basic design, they are able to portray all the qualities stated above and go well with multiple styles and trends, specially the simplistic one. They also have the advantage of having a beautiful horse bit hardware, that adds a young and tasteful detail to their design.

Comme des garçons Button downs
Hands down, the basic shirts are the most important part of a simple person’s wardrobe. The button-downs, especially the white ones, have a sense of class and coolness that makes them great for simplistic matters, no matter what you are wearing besides a classic tailored white shirt, cause it will probably look well with it. Shorts and a pair of Greek sandals, great! an oversized sweater, washed out jeans and Birkenstocks, great! A pleaded skirt and black stilettos, great! white shirt and navy pants, great!
But then again, why comme des garçons? Well, the signature heart of the brand just makes everything they sell 20% better.

Louis Vuitton bucket bags 
Bucket bags are one of the most classic bags in the business, originally designed to carry Champaign around, this bags are the epitome of quiet elegance, they are sober yet fashionable, and apart from their fun shape, you can be sure that they are a timeless piece. If you like this classic though, I highly suggest you buy the one from the French house Louis Vuitton, the Noé BB, its craftsmanship and monogram will raise the elegance this piece already has to the nth power.

Cos Jumpers
No one can disagree with the notion that COS is the best representation of simplicity, and they make the best jumpers and turtle necks. Their knitwear is perfectly clean, their colors are vividly neutral, and their silhouettes may not be the most flattering, but they are classy, elegant, and beautiful.

so yeah, this are the pieces i believe are going to help you the most become more simple without loosing an once of the style and class that i trust you are recognized by. One tip i think you should remember when dressing simply is that if not done taking into account the quality of the clothing, their design, their fabric, colors and so much other tiny factors, then your intention for dressing more simply will not make you simple elegant, but simple tasteless. 

"In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity."Henry Wadsworth

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