domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

Coachella on my mind...

Music, reckless attitude, bad decisions, good friends and awesome memories…oh! Youth, or rather, Coachella? Yes, definitely Coachella. No matter how old or young you are, there has definitely been a time that you’ve wished you could attend Coachella, or you have.  for those of us who haven’t, or are just not old enough to, we get that kind of nostalgia you get for something you’ve never experienced, that raw wish you could share those summer nights, killer tunes, and oh! Those show-stopper rebellious outfits with people like Alessandra Ambrosio, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Alexa Chung. This post is all about the summer vibe that Coachella has inspired for this comforting season that approaches: mirrored sunglasses, Greek sandals, an extravagant collection of ethnic jewelry, suede boots, denim shorts, a lovely white dress, and a trustworthy bag for the summer essentials.
Boots and crossbody from YSL, sunglasses by Dior, shorts by MSGM, cuff by Isabel Marant, top by Madewell, and hat by Janesa Leone.
Sandals by MSGM, earrings by Isabel Marant, crossbody by Balenciaga, top by Talitha, shorts by YSL, and sunglasses by Miu Miu.
Sandals by Brother Vellies, hat by JW. Anderson, crossbody by Chloé, bracelet by Aurelie Bidermann and dress by Zara.
Crossbody by Coach, sandals by Valentino, sunglasses by Ray Ban, Necklace by Isabel Marant, and dress by Zara.

Música, actitudes temerarias, malas decisiones, buenos amigos y excelentes recuerdos…¿Qué definen estas palabras? La Juventud! O ¿Será Coachella? Si definitivamente es Coachella. Sin importar la edad que tengas, tiene que haber existido un momento en tu vida en la que has deseado ir a Coachella, o en el que has ido; para aquellos de nosotros que no hemos ido, o que simplemente no tenemos la edad para ir, nos da un extraño sentimiento de nostalgia ajena, un deseo crudo de compartir esas noches de verano, esas canciones sensacionales, y oh!, esos brillantemente indómitos “outfits”  con personas como Alessandra Ambrosio, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid y Alexa Chung. Este “post” esta completamente dedicado a la atmósfera veranera que representa Coachella y el estilo que inspira para la temporada que se acerca: Gafas polarizadas, sandalias griegas, una colección extravagante de accesorios étnicos, botines de gamuza, shorts, un vestido blanco, y un confiable bolso para los esenciales de verano.

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    1. Hey! thanks, i love this trend too! coachella is such an inspirering style for this summer.
      have a nice day, hugs,