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2014 the year of fashion

2014, the year of fashion!

Dear reader, There are always some things that one remembers the most about certain years, 2013 will always be for me the year I met paris and new york, or when humanity saw the scandalous change of miley cyrus, 2012 was the year I witnessed winter for the first time, and if I hadn’t started my blog on 2014 then I would simply be the year I learned what a real party is about, but I did start my blog, so forever in my mind I will remember 2014 as the year of fashion, and I wanted to record it in my almost new born blog.
but why would i remember 2014 as the year of fashion? why not the year of… blog? well, i won’t remember this year as the year of fashion only for my blog, there are so many other things, big or small,that happened this year in the industry, and it is these things that make it the year of fashion, so as a thank you to the fashion industry for giving me such a great year i will name a few of the things related to fashion that happened this year:

as you might, or might not have seen, earlier this year i mentioned louis vuitton as the brand of the future, but, as i am not fortune teller i can’t say that louis vuitton will continue succeeding, yet i can tell you that louis vuitton made a huge difference in the industry this year, and to me it is the brand of the year.

Gucci, on the other hand, has never been one of my favourite brands, it might be because it is a brand subject to heavy faking back here in colombia, and let me tell you the people that wear fake gucci don’t have my favourite kind of style, but there is something about the last 3 collections that have made me fall in love with the style they’re marketing, its about the 70’s and boho-chic, heavy furs, long boots and the beautiful suede, it’s like they’re dressing the old charlie’s angels, just in a fashionable and elegant way. and the credit for making me like gucci should be to Frida Giannini my designer of the year.

the blogger of the year would have to be the man repeller, great reads, great fashion, great street style.

but on a less obvious category, and the most surprising discovery of the year came from keeping up with the Kardashians, who would think that little miss kendall would end up walking in Givenchy? later in shows like Chanel, dolce and Gabbana, and becoming the face of estee lauder. she has a different kind of beauty, and has such an editorial appeal that she is for me the best model of the year. 

and last, for putting colombia out there i would have to congratulate paula mendoza, her beautiful pieces of wearable art seem as if the future had been melted together with the pre-colonic history inside some beautifully crafted and designed pieces of golden jewellery. colombia is proud of you paula, congrats you are my colombian designer of the year.

those are a few the little things, the people, and the brands that have made 2014 the year of fashion for me, and although as i have stated multiple times before in my blog i have no say in the industry i do think that the people and brand i called before should be awarded, either cause of their style, cause of the clothes they make, their philanthropy in the case of louis vuitton, or representing colombia in such a great way.

p.s: if you haven't checked out the last section i added to my blog, then you should probably do; the lookbook is a place where you will can find inspiration for your wardrobe and also get to know what sence of style im keen of...
the look book.

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