martes, 25 de noviembre de 2014

Santa, take notes...

So, I was born in a traditional family, and even though we are Colombians, and instead of Santa we call the “present giver” baby Jesus, we do have a similar Christmas to that of Americas here in Colombia.
I can remember since I was a small kid that clothes were never my cup of tea, I’d rather have a stuff animal than Nike’s newest shoes, and I was always obsessed with toys. that trend evolved, but didn’t change till two years ago, I mean, I didn’t ask for toys after I was 10, but I did instead ask for Nintendo’s Ds, or Wii’s, or computers… anything that wasn’t clothes, but just as I change, and I do really rapidly, my tastes change as well, and as you’ve seen I have become really obsessed with fashion.
This year I have been on the look for things that I might like to ask for “baby Jesus” and really, not to be greedy, but I don’t know how I’ll choose, and that’s the thing about fashion, it has such a pleasing variety! So next the things that I covet the most for holiday season, and that I’d like to be given.
  •  ANY kind of pro-camera!
so, really if you're into fashion then learning how to use cameras, i mean, at least decently, is a must, and i'll be doing that this vacations (in colombia we don't have winter so the long "summer" vacations are during december") and a good camera can't hurt.

  • A camel suit

camel, i can't resist camel, i know it's not so hot this season, but i can't take it, and even though i am 16, you know what they say, or i say.... either way, you are never too young to be elegant, and you can't go wrong with this camel suit from Zara...

  • Valentino "Rockrunners"

Valentino has been getting more and more edgy, and the last seasons have been a treasure cove for men who love fashion, and who love the sporty chic trend that has lately become so famous. These Valentino "camouflage rockrunners" are perfect for a laid back sunday, or, if you are more fast forward and your boss isn't so tight with etiquette then you could wear them with suits like the one i listed before, i know i would. 

  • Alexander Wang fro Hn'M sunglasses
alexander wang is one of my favorite designers, and if you haven't been hiding under a rock this year, then you'd know that he has done a collection for Hn'M, and just like previous collections from famous designers, take Isabel Marant, it's been a total success. This is a piece i love from the collection, and that i would totally love to wear this 31st of december in the spectacular Caribbean beaches we have here in Colombia.

  • Kenzo sweaters

there are no words to describe the feeling i have for kenzo sweaters, specially the Tiger one, i just need one, it is one fashion must haves. when western society fades then there will only be some fashion classics that will remain,the Chanel flap-bag and the kenzo tiger sweater will be between those.

  • A pair of casual shoes 

everyone needs a pair of casual shoes, and when i say casual i mean sneakers, some shoes you can walk with at an airport without killing your feet, some shoes to travel, some shoes for the usual things, and these kinds of shoes are the hardest to find, because if you love fashion you are trying to find the pair that serve for all of these and still makes you look polished. here are two perfect pairs, the white ones are from adidas originals, and the leather ones are from my everyday favorite brand: Massimo Dutti.

  • Mon monogram personal agenda

to be honest i don't know how to explain this one, just, Mon Monogram is such a perfect idea, it expresses personality, identity, something so intimate, that it makes me wanna have it, and this personal agenda would make a perfect fit for me, you couldn't guess how messy i am with my life, some order would be perfect for me, something that serves as a reminder of what i have to do, and somewhere to write the ideas i have.... 

  • A pair of Ferragamo's 

Ferragamo's have, and will always carry a special place in my heart, first because my dad says that "you can tell a lot about the shoes a man wears, and if you wear Ferragamo then people won't have a lot of bad things to tell" he wears Ferragamo since i can remember, and i love the idea of familiarity they produce in me. Second because they are the embodiment of class, you can't go wrong with them, and i'm dying to have a pair i can wear to parties and next year's prom. 

  • stylish backpacks 

i love the backpack trend, and being a big travel fan these two just fit my likes, cause' like i say design+functionality=perfection. i mean fendi and chanel never let me down, karl, thanks.... i can already picture myself "dear santa, can i please have these two, or at least one, i know they're expensive, but they are worth it!"

 so yeah, That's my list for santa, or baby jesus, or whoever gives presents in my postcode district... but, being serious i know i won't get all of this for christmas, the truth is i'll be lucky if i get one or two of the things listed before, but i can dream right? 

what do you think of the things listed before? or any of the articles i've written before, i'd love to know, also if you think there's anything i should have in mind for the next one don't doubt to contact me, i don't bite. 
Thanks for reading,

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