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Louis Vuitton ¿is it the future of fashion?

Louis Vuitton ¿is it the future of fashion?

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
Peter Drucker

Well, really I don’t know, it is really hard to tell what the future holds, I don’t have a crystal sphere, but it certainly does seem that LV and it’s root enterprise LVMH are trying to take the lead in the industry and, cher Arnault, if by any chance you ever get to read this, you are nailing it.
First congrats on your new employee, or should I say creative director, never have I ever loved a creative director more, he’s an inspiration to all us young fashion enthusiast and to all people creative and entrepreneurial in the world. His designs have continued the magnificent creative task of Mark Jacobs and elevated his idea of luxurious commerciality to a more futuristic-ish a la française elegance that should and I’m sure from now on will characterize the French Maison de mode.

Second the campaign celebrating the monogram. For you all people out there that don’t know what it is, the celebrating the monogram collection, or campaign, was a revolutionary move from LV in which they invited some of the most influential people in the fashion, and creative fields to design articles inspired in the monogram, people like Karl Lagerfeld the genius behind Chanel, frank Ghenry the most ingenious architect of the XXI century Rei kawakubo from comme des garcons, and my personal favorite Cindy Sherman, who although is not a person that has dedicated her life to design created the most beautiful Louis Vuitton trunk I have ever seen! Lovely!

 And third because of the great philanthropy that LVMH is doing. Nothing could make me happier than to know the industry I want to work in when I leave school is an industry that although sometimes can be harsh and thorny it is also an industry that fights to preserve culture, as in the new LV museum, or when Chanel commissions haute couture collections to centuries old maisons de couture; an industry that fights to give the next leaders opportunities, as in the LVMH prize for young designers; and an industry that believes in good causes.

In conclusion, Louis Vuitton may or may not be the future of fashion, but it certainly is future in the making.

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