martes, 30 de septiembre de 2014

Our very own Andy Warhol...

i read an article by Suzy Menkes, an important fashion journalist, for vogue in which she spoke about the relatively new creative director of Moschino, an italian fashion house founded by franco moschino, and famous for its fun and colorful designs that have only gone wilder as years go by, not to mention the scandal that Jeremy Scott caused on the media this year.
Now the article stated how she finally understood that the joke was on us for not understanding the sense of humor that made the clothes he designed such a massive success in every sense: design, taste, meaning... and, i have to confess that it didn't make sense to me either, as a matter of fact, it didn't till' i found the resemblance of his story with the marvelous Warhol, and how, like warhol that challenged and mocked society by making the things that belong to the masses into art, and by that representing the reality of the time period he lived in, he challenged the set idea that fashion should be exclusive, thoughtful, new and "elegant". i consider jeremy an artist, he made the things that every fashion aficionado would think dull, unimaginative, and on top of that not at all tasteful, and made it into a thing we covet every season. he contrasted the reality the masses live in right now to that of the fashion world, what more shocking that a goddess like model wearing a dress that resembles both the chanel suit and a uniform from MC? like wharhol it was society which didn't understand him, and not viceversa, and the sooner we all try to understand jeremy, the faster we'll be able to enjoy his art.
i leave with just one advice: don't take life too seriously, for a life without fun is not a life, 

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