domingo, 28 de septiembre de 2014

From the outside

we are living in an bustling world, a volcano that is about to explode, the revolution, not against the old regimes that use to torment our ancestors, but rather against  ourselves, redefining the human race. The internet, the smartphones, the selfies, the ipads, and really any kind of… pads? what i’m trying to say is that everything has changed, and fashion is not behind, and as always people want to have a say on it, and i am no longer settling for an outside scope on this, i want to have voice in this fashion world that is growing at incommensurable speed, never the less, I’m still an outsider, one of the kids at the Christmas parade squeezing through the feet of the adults and still being so small I can only see the color of the pants of the orchestra.
I’m a 16 year old, so I don’t know if I have taste, or style, and certainly I can’t buy the things that we’ll be speaking about here, but, trust me I don’t only have an opinion…
Hope you’ll hear more about me in the future,
Hugs, N.G

P.S: unfortunately, as you’d expect any 16 Y.O I don’t own any of the pictures that I’ll be posting on the blog…

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